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Lay Flat Album for Pet Photography

I’ve been completely head over heels in love with our Luxe Lay Flat Albums for dog photography since the day they first arrived in our studio. From their vibrant, glossy full wrapped covers to the thick, pearl finish pages, this is a photo album you truly need to see to experience.  What better way to share with you than a video…so here it is. Simba & Bas are the stars of this feature.

If your dog deserves the very best (you’re reading this so I’m pretty sure that’s a YES) this is the album for you!
Contact us today to book your session. Let’s get out there and make some magic together.

A Belgian Malinois with flair for the dramatic

Meet Miss Glamour. She’s a Belgian Malinois that I met at a remarkable historic spot in the South of France.

Belgian Malinois pet portrait

Pont Du Gard is a remarkable spot fit for a remarkable dog. There’s more to come on Point Du Gard in future posts but for now I’d like to focus on this little sassy spice gem. She arrived with 2 of her sisters, one of which was a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog with separation issues. Glamour wanted her solo turn in the spotlight but her Berner sister wasn’t having any of it and wanted to be right by her side but wasn’t warming up to having her portrait taken. With a little coaxing and a lot of yummy snicky~snacks we were able to get her to step slightly aside and give Glamour her turn to shine.

And then there was THIS!

Belgian Malinois Pet Portrait

I’ve never gotten a doggie EYE ROLL before but Glamour gave me my first! Ahhh the French and their sass. Gotta love love love it!


Meet Erik! Corgi? Husky?? Mixie???

Swedish Vallhund Dog in France

Would you just look at that squishy face?!?!? And don’t you just love it when a pup has that slightly off kilter sit stance? Meet Erik! We met in a quaint vineyard in the Provence region of France. Really. We did! Some people when casting their peepers upon his gorgeousness think…Corgi? Husky??? Mix??? In actuality, Erik is a Swedish Vallhund, which is a working farm dog breed. They are very smart, energetic and know just how to make you laugh. I found Erik to be quite true to his lineage. What an amazingly sweet and fun bundle of fur!

A Gothic Guardian in Castillon du Gard

Boxer Cane Corso in FranceAllow me to introduce you to Zoumba…the most amazeballs Boxer-Cane Corso combo a dog crazy could ever have the good fortune to meet! We got up close and personal with Zoumba in the quaint streets of a little French village named Castillon du Gard. Although he is giving his best impression of a serious gothic guardian here, he was actually the most loving, silly goofball in town. I’m not ashamed to share that he gave me an abundance of sloppy kisses and I loved every second of it. There may even be photographic evidence! XOXOX ~W

Vive la France!

Chihuahua France Colorful Hair

EEEEEEKKKKKK! You guys! I just got back from a week in the South of France, living in a Chateau once owned by the King and photographing many, MANY adorably fantastic doggies! I can’t believe this is my life. I’m a lucky girl indeed. I’ve got so much to share with you! I almost don’t know where to start. Almost. Of course I have to start with this little nugget known as Poppy. Poppy is the only pup we photographed that wasn’t actually French. She is a Brit and she was the official mascot of the week, always on hand to bring a smile to the faces of many of us who were missing our own sweet pups back home. Poppy’s mom is Cat Race, who just happens to be an incredible dog photographer, so she knows the drill. She’s a top model through and through.
Here’s Miss Poppy peering through the gorgeously colorful veil of Cat’s luxurious mane. I’m not ashamed to say this image makes me squeal with delight!

Stay tuned…with over 40 dogs at my disposal in France, there is a lot more goodness to come!

Carrizo Plain Super Bloom

Dog in country field of flowers

It’s wildflower season in Cali so we hit the road this week to Carrizo Plain National Monument. The trip was really to get some landscape shots of the incredibly vast fields of abundant wild flowers but the boys needed to have some fun too. I couldn’t resist getting a shot of my Chancey-love enjoying his snack break with the painted hills in the background.

Here’s some behind the scenes phone pics from our day. It was such a fun trip!

Chance loves to get out and explore. Knowing his history of being an abused dog in the city that wound up spending months in a shelter kennel, it makes me so happy to see him out in the vast beauty of nature enjoying his life. Dog Hike Carrizo Plain Superbloom 2017

We’ve got the best photo assistants around. Here’s the boys making sure Emily gets her shot just right.Carrizo Plain Dogs Photography

I’m not one of those people that knows the names of all the wildflowers around but what I can say is this…there were billions of these little beauties carpeting the valley floor to create a vast sea of gold.Carrizo Plain Superbloom 2017

It can get pretty dirty out there on the plain. I know it looks like they were crammed in there but just behind all our gear is a big, soft comfy bed for their traveling pleasure…plus plenty of doggie snicky snacks in the cooler too!Carrizo Plain Road Trip Doggie

Driving down these roads surrounded by rolling hills blanketed with yellow, purple and orange hues was pure bliss.Carrizo Plain road in Spring surrounded by wildflowers.

Getting ready to watch an epic sunset over Soda Lake. At this point in the day they were getting pretty tuckered out.Dogs on a road trip

One last piece of floral majesty. I honestly can’t convey just how many flowers were out there. What a treat to get to experience!Carrizo Plain Super Bloom 2017

I’d love to get out and capture some pics of your pup while the flowers are blooming just about everywhere around us!
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Snowpocalypse 2017!

I’m sure many of you have seen the crazy weather to hit the Tahoe basin this week in the news…or if your lucky (or unlucky depending on your perspective) you’ve seen it first hand. We were out and about looking for a place for the pups to have a little snow play and I saw this spot fly by and just had to turn around. We had gotten a few days of what we thought was a major amount of snow. Little did we know it was just a tiny taste of what was yet to come. Incredible amounts of snow have fallen…people are still digging out for days!  It had just stopped snowing and the temperature was climbing. The drive was covered by a tunnel of trees and just beyond the gate there was a clearing. As I got set up the clouds broke for a few short minutes flooding the clearing with an amazing warm light. It was one of those magic moments that gives you chills and you hope you’ll be able to capture the goods to do it justice. And then I got literal chills…

Best Dog Photographer

When I shoot in Winter I’m always HOT. I’m out there with the layers and the water proof gear and usually climbing and rolling around to match the pup’s movements…I’m always unzipping my coat when I can so I can breathe. I may have a slight claustrophobia issue. Sure enough, just as I took off my hood and unzipped a bit the trees directly above me dropped the majority of their snowy bounty directly on my head. It was complete and total white out and it went straight down my neck and back. After the snow dust had settled I turned around to look at our truck and see Ken crying in hysterical laughter while Chance and Raider looked on in horror worried that some snow beast had eaten their Mama! At least I can always count on them to love me with wild abandon!

best dog photographer

As a side note…did you know I have another photography passion? I’m also a a fine art landscape photographer. Pho(DOG)raphy actually started an extension of my landscape photography as I strive to capture dogs being dogs where they are most at home…the great outdoors. It turns out my two passions, gorgeous landscapes & delightful dogs are quite a complimentary fit. Eagle eyes in the group may have seen the link to Wendy Hudnall Photography on the homepage. If you’d like to see what it’s all about take a click on over! You can also visit Wendy Hudnall Photography on Facebook. Here’s a fine art landscape shot at this amazing location to give you a taste of what it’s all about.

Wendy Hudnall Photography, Best Lake Tahoe Photography

Sending you Warmest Winter Wishes!


A Worthy Cause!

Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

“We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves.” – John Glenn
After the recent passing of the Astronaut and national hero, I heard one of his quotes and it hit home for me.

Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

This past Saturday I spent a fantastic afternoon with Linda Blair and her wonderful team from The Linda Blair WorldHeart Foundation at an adoption event for 6 beautiful rescue dogs. Each pup unique and each one so incredibly loving…just wanting special someone to take themhome and love them back. Linda has over 100 dogs on her ranch, most of them pit bulls, for whom she works tirelessly, devoting her life to finding them homes and raising awareness to the plight of this much maligned breed. 


Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

I’m thrilled to share that I will be working with Linda through my photography to help find homes for these precious babies. More to come on that…

Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

Pit Bull Adoption Rescue

But if you are considering pet adoption please check out

If you are not in a position to adopt they are always in need of volunteers.
You can also send a gift directly to the foundation via a purchase on their Amazon page.…/ref=cm_sw_em_r_wsg_FscUxbDFMV04G_wb.Dog Adoption Rescue

Linda Blair Dog Adoption Rescu

Finally, as you give your holiday charitable donations please consider the World Heart Foundation!! Helping these precious pups is a very worthy cause indeed!

Dog Adoption Rescue

Please share this post. The more we bring awareness the faster these boys and girls find their forever homes! Wouldn’t it be great if we could get them home for the holidays!?!?!


The Importance of Dog Photography


professional dog photography is important

Sadly, last week, out of the blue I got a reminder of why professional dog photography is important to those of us whose pets are family.

Our neighbor’s dog was the victim of a hit and run accident and  passed away far too soon. Mochi, a Siberian Husky, was beloved by our entire neighborhood in Incline Village, Nevada, a smallish mountain town where dogs often roam the block freely and share their affection with everyone. When we were in town I could always count on my morning visit from Mochi. As soon as my coffee was made, like clockwork, she was up on our back deck and calling to me through the glass door. If you’ve ever had the privilege of knowing a Husky you know they are very, very vocal. She’d come in and we’d have a morning chat, during which she was insistent that I share the breakfast bounty she could acutely smell. One day last month I’d just returned from a sunrise landscape shoot and had my camera on the counter when she came bounding up the stairs. She was in a particularly happy mood and so I thought I’d grab a few frames just for fun. She was a natural and hammed it up for me, no doubt hoping her reward would be the fresh piece of bacon she smelled me cooking a block away. I really loved the shots which captured her many moods I’ve grown so accustomed to…friendly, silly, stoic, but most of all happy.

professional dog photography is important

Now that she’s left us, these pictures mean even more. I’m so glad that I have them to share with our neighbor. They can cherish and remember her the way she was. Forever. For so many of us our animals are not just pets, they are family. For me, I know that’s why dog photography plays such an important role in my life. I am so proud to be able to help people capture and hold on to special memories of their loved ones.

Sweet dreams Mochi. You’re a good girl.

professional dog photography is important