Carrizo Plain Super Bloom

Dog in country field of flowers

It’s wildflower season in Cali so we hit the road this week to Carrizo Plain National Monument. The trip was really to get some landscape shots of the incredibly vast fields of abundant wild flowers but the boys needed to have some fun too. I couldn’t resist getting a shot of my Chancey-love enjoying his snack break with the painted hills in the background.

Here’s some behind the scenes phone pics from our day. It was such a fun trip!

Chance loves to get out and explore. Knowing his history of being an abused dog in the city that wound up spending months in a shelter kennel, it makes me so happy to see him out in the vast beauty of nature enjoying his life. Dog Hike Carrizo Plain Superbloom 2017

We’ve got the best photo assistants around. Here’s the boys making sure Emily gets her shot just right.Carrizo Plain Dogs Photography

I’m not one of those people that knows the names of all the wildflowers around but what I can say is this…there were billions of these little beauties carpeting the valley floor to create a vast sea of gold.Carrizo Plain Superbloom 2017

It can get pretty dirty out there on the plain. I know it looks like they were crammed in there but just behind all our gear is a big, soft comfy bed for their traveling pleasure…plus plenty of doggie snicky snacks in the cooler too!Carrizo Plain Road Trip Doggie

Driving down these roads surrounded by rolling hills blanketed with yellow, purple and orange hues was pure bliss.Carrizo Plain road in Spring surrounded by wildflowers.

Getting ready to watch an epic sunset over Soda Lake. At this point in the day they were getting pretty tuckered out.Dogs on a road trip

One last piece of floral majesty. I honestly can’t convey just how many flowers were out there. What a treat to get to experience!Carrizo Plain Super Bloom 2017

I’d love to get out and capture some pics of your pup while the flowers are blooming just about everywhere around us!
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