The Importance of Dog Photography


professional dog photography is important

Sadly, last week, out of the blue I got a reminder of why professional dog photography is important to those of us whose pets are family.

Our neighbor’s dog was the victim of a hit and run accident and  passed away far too soon. Mochi, a Siberian Husky, was beloved by our entire neighborhood in Incline Village, Nevada, a smallish mountain town where dogs often roam the block freely and share their affection with everyone. When we were in town I could always count on my morning visit from Mochi. As soon as my coffee was made, like clockwork, she was up on our back deck and calling to me through the glass door. If you’ve ever had the privilege of knowing a Husky you know they are very, very vocal. She’d come in and we’d have a morning chat, during which she was insistent that I share the breakfast bounty she could acutely smell. One day last month I’d just returned from a sunrise landscape shoot and had my camera on the counter when she came bounding up the stairs. She was in a particularly happy mood and so I thought I’d grab a few frames just for fun. She was a natural and hammed it up for me, no doubt hoping her reward would be the fresh piece of bacon she smelled me cooking a block away. I really loved the shots which captured her many moods I’ve grown so accustomed to…friendly, silly, stoic, but most of all happy.

professional dog photography is important

Now that she’s left us, these pictures mean even more. I’m so glad that I have them to share with our neighbor. They can cherish and remember her the way she was. Forever. For so many of us our animals are not just pets, they are family. For me, I know that’s why dog photography plays such an important role in my life. I am so proud to be able to help people capture and hold on to special memories of their loved ones.

Sweet dreams Mochi. You’re a good girl.

professional dog photography is important

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