A Belgian Malinois with flair for the dramatic

Meet Miss Glamour. She’s a Belgian Malinois that I met at a remarkable historic spot in the South of France.

Belgian Malinois pet portrait

Pont Du Gard is a remarkable spot fit for a remarkable dog. There’s more to come on Point Du Gard in future posts but for now I’d like to focus on this little sassy spice gem. She arrived with 2 of her sisters, one of which was a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog with separation issues. Glamour wanted her solo turn in the spotlight but her Berner sister wasn’t having any of it and wanted to be right by her side but wasn’t warming up to having her portrait taken. With a little coaxing and a lot of yummy snicky~snacks we were able to get her to step slightly aside and give Glamour her turn to shine.

And then there was THIS!

Belgian Malinois Pet Portrait

I’ve never gotten a doggie EYE ROLL before but Glamour gave me my first! Ahhh the French and their sass. Gotta love love love it!


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